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I moved from New York City, traveling to the mountains of Southern Colorado, where I live today within a community of artists. I weave, paint, and explore many different art forms. One of these explorations if Sumi-e Painting, a traditional Chinese Technique involving painting with black ink on rice paper, which I learned from Paul Siudzinski while living in New York City. During the last twenty five years here in Colorado I have been teaching Sumi-e Painting workshops in several locations. For Six years I have been part of Peggy Zehring’s Experimental Drawing and Painting Workshop. Most of my work in the class has been in acrylic paint on canvas, working with abstract forms, line, and color. I believe that it has freed me and opened me up to a newer and more expansive view of my work. I have merged my sumi technique with the acrylic techniques I have learned with Peggy – thus combining two of my loves.

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