Political Scene 2018


Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Size: 24″ x 24″

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Recently, while sitting on a panel on the value of art I was asked the following question: How does the Skagit Valley environment affect you and your work?

It saves my sanity.  Every day I renew my energy and love of the Valley by awakening in my open loft with no curtains. The air is often filled with flying trumpeter swans, snow geese, and eagles against a sky with a gorgeous palette of soft morning colors.  Every day it is a magical experience that helps take away the pain of politics gone awry. Nuclear threats, environmental disasters, dissension, racism, all are bringing our country into crisis.  A congress that does not work for the common good, bipartisanship seems to be totally lacking in our sitting congress chambers. The peacefulness of our garden is filled with countless smaller birds.  The haven of my small studio filled with music and the rhythms of painting are a true respite from the troubled world we live in.

Born in 1931 at the cusp of the Great Depression I lived through poverty but it was within a family filled with love and the sound of my Dad’s harmonica filling our humble home. At age fourteen, and during WWII, we made victory gardens and lived with the pain of family members gravely wounded in the name of freedom.  Our lives still were lived in hope for the future.  May we survive this maelstrom, too!

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